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Based on three key principles: creativity, innovation, and ideas; Vordio is a fun and engaging community where users can customize their avatars, make friends, participate in large forum discussions, and profit their way through our virtual economy.

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Here at Vordio, we encourage creativity at all times. We wouldn't be here if we didn't have such a creative community. On Vordio, you are free to unleash all of your inner creativity toward creating items and selling them in the store, or even by customizing your own personal avatar! Creativity is empowerment. The possibilities are endless!



About Vordio

Since its creation in 2015, Vordio has gone through numerous different changes.

The All New Vordio is...

...up to 10x more secure
Vordio is by far the most secure version of our website ever. We've implemented some of the best encryption techniques and technologies that are even used by the United States government to ensure that the security of our members is as high as possible. We are using a brand new database framework rather than the old, deprecated framework that all previous versions have used.

...powered by 500,000 lines of code
The website that you are viewing right now is powered by 500,000+ lines of code - which is absolutely amazing. The developers of Vordio have spent countless hours perfecting and making the code as readable and pretty as possible. A lot of effort has been put into Vordio.

...up to 4x faster
The reimagined Vordio is designed with speed in mind. We use minified scripts, styles, and CloudFlare to make sure the website runs and loads at the highest speed possible, smashing the records of previous versions.

...optimized for mobile
In a hurry or away from your computer? No worries! We've taken great care to make Vordio scale to your device's screen, giving the best browsing experience no matter what device you're using.

...up to 3x more customizable
Keeping true to one of our key principles, creativity, we've designed Vordio to be more customizable than it ever has been. You have more control over what you see and what your avatar looks like.

...more social
The new Vordio has many more socialization features than before. Users are able to use the completely rewritten, brand new Forums to convey their ideas, an enhanced private messaging system for one-on-one communication, and our intuitive chat system to interact with each other.