casual lace wedding dresses

Welcome to Vordio!

casual lace wedding dresses

I've loved working in my studio this past year but I am now lucky enough to have a home with a beautiful space I can enjoy.

For a while I was stuck on the feeling that working from home was not as cool as having a studio, a little unprofessional and most likely unproductive....

But really, I know I will be more productive then ever. Working from home means I can steal an hour before Anouk wakes each day because I don't have to deal with getting dressed for work, traffic and travel. I can use the day Anouk spends with her grandpa each week and can work in the nights, something I would be too afraid to be at the studio by myself after dark. casual lace wedding dresses

This weekend I am leaving PSAS to move into my home studio and to mark this transition I am giving everyone who orders from my online store a free gift and 20% off even if it's just a small order.

Thank you for your support, exciting times ahead!

Annabelle X