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casual white wedding gown

After a long walk through Keffi Road, Ikoyi Lagos, I was quite frustrated, tired and hungry at the same time. I regret coming out today. Why did I even come out? Almost three days ago, I had decided to go submit my CV in some companies around that area. I wanted to work the make ends meet and to survive. O Lord, help your daughter.

After about 4 hours of my sojourn, I decided to rest at a canteen close to Dodan barracks, Ikoyi Lagos. While chilling with a chilled bottle of big coke (orobo) and Meat pie, I noticed two guys by my left hand side discussing. Although I paid less attention to what was being discussed, but was still aware of them. The following conversation ensued amongst them;

Guy 1: Guy how far you and Bisola na? (Sipping the chilled Heineken drink through a transparent glass cup)

Guy 2: Which Bisola? (Seeming confused)

Guy 1: That new babe for our area na, wey get big big assets both front and back...(now smiling)

Guy 2: Guuuuy...(also smiling) that girl make sense die, I don start calculation for her head na, but e be like say she dey form for now sha....

Guy 1: You gat knack that babe know say you na real na boss boss (hailing the other guy)

Guy 2: O boy! You dey tell me ni? How you take know sef, guy na lash I wan lash that girl oh, in fact if she no gree I go force am or even drug no trust me ni? (Boasting now)

Guy 1: Baddddoooooooo!! Na you na!! Oko gbogbo fine gals (Husband to all pretty ladies), just dey carry me along with gist shaaa...

Upon hearing this, I felt pity for the innocent girl, who knows what will become of her very soon. Men and things under the skirts, I thought.

This thought of mine reminded me of my sad story. I wish I could change the hands of time and take them back to the good old days. I miss mum and dad.


As the only child and daughter of my parents, I lacked absolutely nothing and I enjoyed every moments of my childhood. I got the best of education and got many things most of my mates then envied me about.

It all came the a close down a few weeks after my WAEC examination when Mum and Dad were traveling to Cotonou for a family friend's son's wedding and their car had an accident along Badagry Expressway and I lost both of them.

I was bittered all through. I nearly ran mad. My world came to a full stop and all my dreams and aspirations came to a pause because of the demise of my both loving parents. Why now?
Dad why? Mum why?

I thought of suicide and many other thoughts to just eliminate my life because I felt it is not worth living anymore. Life is so fucked up, I always thought.

However, after the burial of my parents, the entire family decided that I'll stay with my uncle (my father's younger brother) and his family. Do I have any choice? What can a poor orphan like me do?

Meanwhile, all my Dad's property and stuffs had been shared amongst his brothers and sisters, in fact the sharing formulae nearly caused chaos in the family. This shattered my heart the more. None of these people ever supported my dad when he was alive. Arriving to my Uncle's place, another phase of my life began. This is abruptly the opposite of what I experienced with my parents during my childhood days. casual white wedding gown

My uncle (Uncle Ebuka) works with the Lagos State Transport Management Agency (LASTMA) and he's an office in the agency. His wife whom I fondly call Aunty Ify, is a senior nurse at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). Both of them and their two little children stay in a 3-bedroom flat in Ikeja, Lagos.

My uncle's wife never liked me from day one, she treats me with much disdain and scorn. I'm always the first to wake up in the morning and the last to sleep in the night. I wake up as early as 3am and sleep as late as quarter past 12am. What a world...!!

She beats me at frequently at any slight provocation even in the presence of my uncle and he dare not oppose his wife in the house. My dear, I saw hell physically in that house. I sweep, cook, wash plates, dress up their children (Adanne and Obinna) for school, go pick them up, wash clothes, fetch water, mop the floor and even wash my uncle's car. It was real hell.

Tunde or Mr Tunde as I fondly call him is my uncle's friend and his tight man. They are always seen together at almost all functions irrespective of the fact that my uncle is Ibo and he (Tunde), Yoruba. In fact rumors has it that, both friends might have been fraternal twins unknown to them because do their things in one accord. However, Mr Tunde stay in the same estate with us, though different building.

One day, my uncle and his wife had gone to work as usual and their children were in school as at that time. Unfortunately, I was alone at home, because even after my excellent WAEC results, my decided that I'm too young for the university at the age of 17. Hence, I ain't yet ripe for tertiary education. Can you imagine the silly excuse?

I heard a knock on our door, surprisingly, I thought to myself, "who could this be?" I wasn't expecting anyone around. So I quickly dressed up and went towards the door and opened it ajar, it was Mr Tunde...

Me: Good afternoon sir!

Mr Tunde: Good afternoon Shisom ( he calls me that always instead of Chisom, my real name). Hawayu re? Bawo ni?

Me: I'm fine thank you sir. Sir Hope no problem?

Mr Tunde: Shisom no problem rara oh...iss just that I want you to help to go and buy soft drinks for my fisitors ni....

Me: Sir, I'm the only one around here and my uncle will talk if he discovers that I go out without his permission or consent...(looking confused)

Mr Tunde: You this girl and big big oyibo, just help me jor, your brother wee nor talk, izi nor Ebuka my friend? Just run and bring it to my house jor...(Hands over the money to me and leaves almost immediately)

I was quite confused though, I just decided to help him get the drinks, probably the visitors must have been waiting for him. Eyaaaah, poor him, I thought innocently.

Like 10min later, I walked towards Mr Tunde's flat knocked and I got no reply, then I decided to open the door and check whether he's around. Upon my entrance into the sitting room, I was greeted with the loud sound of music playing from his sound system there, the noise alone was discomforting.

As I stepped forward cautiously calling his name, I noticed a firm grip of my waist and I angrily turned back and it was Mr Tunde smiling sheepishly to me...

Me: Sir, with all due respect, I don't like it sir...Please. (Looking so furious already)

Mr Tunde: Wariz wrong with you, ayuu a small pikin ni? (Already pulling off his clothes)

Me: (Already scared) Sir, please let me go please, take your drinks and let me go, my uncle's kids will soon be back...(begging him)

He didn't even hear me one bit. The devil in him came up. I was still struggling to escape as he drew me closer and carried me towards his cushion in the sitting room, which was already too noisy for anyone to hear my "Save My Soul" shouts.

Unfortunately for me, I was putting on a skirt and it was made easy for him. I was still wailing and shouting, to no avail. I was begging him in the name of everything I could place my mind on. He overpowered me within minutes...he tore my pants, held me tight against the cushion and raped me...!!

I screamed....!!!!

No one was nearby to hear my cry for help. He was still humping on me for about 10mins, and he suddenly got up and was panting, I will later realized that he ejaculated inside me.

I felt ashamed that day, I felt used, I felt very bad, I cried and cried and cried, and the fool was apologizing that it's the devil's handiwork and all that...!!!

I thought of my parents when I got back to our flats and my sorrow deepened. I went to the bathroom and I saw on myself stains of blood on my private parts which seem to be hurting me already. My tears knew no bounds...!!!

Later that evening my uncle and aunty came back and the normal scolding started and all that. I wasn't myself all through that day and I lacked the confidence to tell my Uncle or his wife, they wouldn't even believe me.

His wife is even ready to kill for even mentioning someone so respectable (to their eyes though) as Mr Tunde who everyone respects in the estate and even in Church.

I was in a dilemma.

Three weeks later I became feverish and was vomiting at the same time and my uncle's wife noticed and said to me when she was about going to work...

Me: Chisom, when you're done with the house chores, take this money (giving me some money) and come to our hospital, I want to show you something there.

To be continued...


Meanwhile, I paid the canteen owner the fee for my Coke and Meat pie and I left those guys still drinking there and discussing rubbish.

This story is my thought and I'm telling it through # Kenechi_Okenwa , it may not be a true life story but it's something to do with all and sundry.

Child Abuse and Child Labour isn't good at all. Your treat your own children with love and care but treat others with much contempt. You abuse them and subject them to untold sufferings. It is never the best way.

Similarly, that you took advantage of her and RAPE her shows that you're a beast in human clothing. RAPE should be shunned by all and sundry. It is not good. Every female needs love, care, attention and protection. Give it to them.

Imagine a world free of sexual violence against women.

Imagine a world wear there are no RAPE cases.

Imagine a world the Judiciary frowns abruptly to RAPE cases and convict offenders speedily.

It's her BODY, it's her RIGHT.

The Female Folks needs PEN for education and enlightenment not PEN*S

# SayNoToChildAbuse
# SayNoToRape
# ConvictRapeOffenders

© Kenechi Okenwa