lack decorated items to wear of the cocktail

Welcome to Vordio!

lack decorated items to wear of the cocktail


Our first annual Hillcrest High Sr. Prom will be Saturday, March 24, 2018. For those new to the park Hillcrest High school colors are Black & White so you can be assured any color poodle skirt will fit right in. Our Hillcrest High mascot, the “Snowbird”, will be on stage. Thanks to Sandra Roberts for making the poodle skirt for our Mascot. Legend has it that if you pat the Snowbird on the head it will be your lucky night! lack decorated items to wear of the cocktail

Our very own “Hillcrest High Cheerleaders” will cheer on the crowd as well as lead the group in our school dance “The Stroll” right after the first break. Below I have included a couple of links so you can review our school dance “The Stroll”.

Also you might want to watch a couple of great movies “Grease” and “America Graffiti” to get you in the mood.

Be on the lookout for some retro rides at Clubhouse 2 between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM on March 24th. Dress in your 50’s attire, bring your camera and stand next to these vintage cars for a great photo opp.

See you at the Hillcrest High Sr Prom. Fifties dress is optional but cloths are mandatory! Be there or be square!

Assigned Seating Tickets for the Prom (Dance) will be available at One Stop Shopping on March 13th & March 20th.